Expat mortgages and insurances Eindhoven

Helping you navigate the dutch mortgage web

You are a non-Dutch resident and you like it so much here that you want to buy a house? No problem, Van den Boer en Roggen Financieel Advies is specialised in assisting expats with obtaining mortgages and insurances! We can show you all possibilities and give you expert advice based on your personal situation. We have a thorough knowledge of all financial rules and regulations for expats. Furthermore our fees are very agreeable! Our office can be reached easily, has its own parking space and is situated within 5 min. of the High Tech Campus.

Please do no hesitate and contact us should you need more information!


Van den Boer en Roggen

Aalsterweg 191

5644 RA Eindhoven

Tel. 040 - 256 93 90

Email info@vdbr.nl